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Homeownership – 6 min read

Ron got $6,500 and bought in Dallas

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Ron is a retail store manager and capable DIY-er who loves building custom motorcycles with his son.

Ron had long realized the security and stability he wanted for his family needed could not be found in a rental property. Unfortunately, a hurricane that devastated his home town left him with additional financial responsibilities that made homeownership seem further away than ever.

Working with Dwelling uncovered $6,500 in down payment assistance that enabled Ron to buy a permanent place for his family much sooner than we expected. Today, he and his son spend their evenings planning renovation projects to make the place their own.

"I would give Dwelling ten stars out of five if I could. I've already referred you 8 times this year alone!"

Meaghan got $12,000 and bought in Garland

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Meaghan is a branch manager at a local construction company.

Meaghan encountered many of the same challenges many hard-working Americans face on her journey to homeownership — poor credit, insufficient savings, and difficulty navigating the home-buying process. After Snowmaggedon, she decided to take getting a place of her own into her own hands.

Working with Dwelling netted her $12,000 in down payment assistance that helped her to buy a permanent place that offers her more than just financial equity—it's about control, building a home you love, and having a place to look forward to at the end of a hard day's work. Today Meaghan is safe, in control, and proud of her new home.

"This really did change my life, and I'm very blessed and thankful to Dwelling’s team for how easy they made the process that finally allowed me to be a homeowner.”

Jake & Kate got $20,500 and bought in Austin

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Jake is an avid pickleball player, a skilled DIY enthusiast, and a long-time dreamer of being financially free.

After meeting his mentor in college, Jake realized that achieving financial freedom required getting onto the property ladder. But with only $4,000 in savings, he wasn’t close to having enough for a down payment any time soon. Financial freedom seemed forever away.

Working with Dwelling got them $20,500 in down payment assistance that helped him buy first first home in Austin while navigating the waters of buying a home with a partner before they got married. Today, Jake and his wife Kate own not one, but two homes in Texas.

"Without buying our first home with down payment assistance and having built that equity, we would not have been able to buy the home of our dreams. Now we have multiple income streams. Down payment assistance made it all possible for us!”

Karla & Jorge got $6,000 and bought in Denton

Karla is a proud mother to a two-year-old girl, an instructional designer for a healthcare company, and a gardening enthusiast.

In 2021 she and her partner Jorge decided it was time to buy a home when they found out she was pregnant. But, the market was tough and they put their search on pause after being outbid by cash offers. When their baby girl was born, and the dream of owning a home was reignited. Yet, there were still hurdles to overcome—low credit scores and limited savings held them back.

Working with Dwelling uncovered $6,000 in down payment assistance that enabled their family to manage the intricacies of buying a home in America as immigrants while moving into a nice home in a neighborhood they love.

"“Down payment assistance was a big game-changer for us. Without it, we would have had to save for longer and completely drain our savings to buy a home."

Heather got $11,600 and bought in Houston

Heather is a proud mother working as a communications manager for a non-profit in Houston, and a loyal Nebraska Volleyball fan.

After going through a divorce, Heather wanted to buy her own home for her daughter to grow up in. She’d been saving for years, and keeping a close eye on the market. However, she couldn’t seem to build her savings quickly enough to compete with rising house prices.

Working with Dwelling uncovered $11,600 in down payment assistance that enabled Heather’s family to move in months, not years. Today, Heather and her daughter have a cozy place to call home, and they couldn’t be happier.

"The thought of coming up with $10,000 to $20,000 is pretty overwhelming on your own... it would have taken me at least another two years of saving to be able to start looking for a home."

Published on February 8th 2024.

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