We turn renters into owners.

Dwelling is a tech-powered real estate brokerage that finds buyers thousands to buy a home and makes the entire process incredibly simple.

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We'll find enough to cover most, if not all, of your down payment.

We use tech to match buyers with the best incentives, grants and programs across Texas based on their unique finances and home goals.

On average, we find our buyers up to $15,000. That’s enough to completely cover their down payments, closing costs, and purchase a home for $0 out of pocket.

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So far, we've uncovered over $40 million for prospective buyers.

Guaranteed thousands

Every Dwelling buyer gets thousands pitched towards their home purchase.

No commission pressure

Our salaried experts work for you, not for a commission.

How it works

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Find your amount then book a time to speak to an expert who can answer any questions you have and help you create a plan.

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Shop for a home you love alongside your own personal guide who can help you navigate every step.

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Tour homes across Texas and place an offer when you’ve found the one you love.

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Negotiate and close the deal with one of our seasoned agents on your side.

A screen to filter homes based on typical criteria
A list of homes to browse through with prices broken down
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Access next-gen tools to help you buy like a pro.

We have tools that make all of the complicated parts of finding and buying the perfect home easy.

Get matched with the best programs for you
Shop for homes with all of the finances made clear
Browse homes by monthly payment, down payment, total cash needed to close, and more

We're used to buyers wondering whether this is "too good to be true." If you have questions that aren't answered below, ask us.

Frequently asked questions

Is Dwelling a new company?

Our company is new, but our team isn’t. We come from top technology and real estate disruptors like Opendoor, Redfin, Shopify, and Uber. Our real estate team has collectively managed over 4,000 real estate transactions in Texas alone.

I don't have enough money for a down payment, can you help?

Yes! We built Dwelling just to help people just like you. The housing market has never seemed more complex and difficult to navigate. We’re here to make buying a home easier than ever, and we do so by saving you every dollar we can find along the way.

Where does this money come from? Do I have to pay it back?

Our technology matches you to one of several homeownership incentives and government programs in your area based on your unique financial situation. Also, as a licensed real estate brokerage, we’re able to save you thousands from the transaction itself.

Am I actually able to buy a home for $0 down?

In many cases, yes! We’ve helped many buyers across Texas get into homes with zero down payment and very little out of pocket expenses—but your ability to do the same will depend on your goals and unique personal situation. During your first call with us, we'll walk you through all your options.

How does Dwelling make money?

Like any other real estate transaction, the seller’s agent on the transaction pays us a commission if our client successfully buys their listing. We choose to be aligned with our buyers, so we credit part of our commission to you at the end of the transaction to reduce the cash you need to close.

Where do you operate?

We operate across all of Texas, with team members in every major metro across the state.

I have an agent already, can I still use Dwelling?

Unfortunately, we can only work with buyers that have not already signed an agreement with a licensed real estate agent. That being said, we love partnering with other caring agents who want to use our technology to help their buyers, so please have them reach out to us to see if we can work together.

What customers have to say about Dwelling.

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“I knew help existed, but I struggled to get any. I reached out to several lenders looking for help and never heard back from a single one. With Dwelling, I was up and running the same day.”

Buyer in Houston, TX

“That real estate agent needs to learn how to run his business like you are running yours! Glad we have you on our side! Thank you for being on top of everything and really walking us through this new process, we appreciate you!”

Buyer in Dallas, TX

“If I wasn't so happy at my job right now, I would be doing everything I could to work at Dwelling.”

Buyer in Austin, TX

“I am not only going to buy a house that I otherwise wouldn't have considered for another 5 - 10 years, but if all goes well I'm going to tell everyone I know about Dwelling. What you're building is genius.”

Buyer in Austin, TX

If you're not ready to buy this year, you can still get prepared.

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