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Homeowner Story – 6 min read

Homeowner Stories: Ron

How Ron bought his first home in Dallas, Texas after receiving $6,500 in down payment assistance.

Homeowner Story – 6 min read

Photo of Ron in front of his new house in Dallas, Texas.

"I faced a choice: either continue paying the equivalent of a home's worth in rent for something that’s not mine, or take a stand and become a homeowner.”

Like so many of us, Ron always dreamed of buying his own home. Yet with a son to provide for, a life-altering natural disaster, and a large side of worry, Ron’s dream could not play out overnight. 

We sat down with Ron as he shed light on his unconventional path to homeownership. In this interview, Ron shares his financial struggles, workplace doubts, and his against-all-odds triumph that scored him a $6,500 down payment assistance to finally buy his dream home. 

This is Ron’s story. 

Winds of change: how a hurricane pushed Ron on his path to homeownership

Originally from New Orleans, Ron was a retail store manager about to move to Houston when a last-minute decision delayed his course. He postponed his relocation by a month to attend a childhood friend's wedding in NOLA. Little did he know that this delay would place him in the eye of a major hurricane, altering the trajectory of his life forever.

“We lost everything to the hurricane. I was under huge financial pressure. Not only from its aftermath, but because I was also now taking care of my son, my mom, and my grandmother.” 

With these new responsibilities under wing, Ron realized the security and stability his family needed could not be found in a rental property. Ron suffered from anxiety spurred by some of the huge financial decisions he had to make. Yet despite it all, he remained confident that homeownership was the way to go.

“With the sporadic environment we’re living in, and the things we experienced during COVID, I decided to press forward and engage in the homebuying process—no matter what the circumstances were.”

Ron’s worries about his job stability and the possibility of having to move for work haunted him when making the decision. But, he remained determined to own the roof over his, and his family’s, head. 

Ron set his eyes on Dallas. 

During Ron’s home-buying process, the retail company he worked at underwent leadership changes. These changes meant that being promoted would require a potential relocation if he ever hoped to get a promotion. 

Yet, Dallas was calling. Even with potentially heart-breaking commutes on the horizon, Ron committed to the home-buying process. Dallas waits for no man!

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Photo of Ron holding a frame with a personal message from the Dwelling team.

From fear to fortune: how Ron secured a $6,500 down payment assistance

Ron’s first few steps to home ownership were quakey, to say the least. He tried working with three different Realtors. However, after hearing from a few people about their experience with Dwelling, he decided to ditch the traditional path altogether.

“My peers thought I was a maniac for purchasing when I purchased,” he says, smiling from ear to ear despite the memory. “The choice was small, but Dwelling assisted me in finding a home I love, in the area I dreamed of.” 

Ron emphasizes the personal touch and support he received, "Dwelling made the process so digestible for me. It was such a personal experience that it really made a huge difference because I had a lot of anxiety about making this move."

Dwelling was able to secure Ron $6,500 in down payment assistance. This helped him get to homeownership quicker than expected, and continue providing for his family along the way. 

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Photo of Ron in front of his house in Dallas, Texas.

Home, heart, and a whole lotta hope: what Ron found under his new roof 

"Buying my home was definitely the right decision because what I have is actually mine now." 

The transition from being a tenant to a homeowner now grants Ron agency over his living space and has opened doors to a world of DIY projects and renovations—something he very much enjoys doing with his son. 

For Ron, the journey didn't just end with the purchase of a home; it marked the beginning of a new chapter filled with plans for a brighter (and calmer) future. 

He bought his home in Garland, an older area of Dallas and it reminds him of his childhood neighborhood in New Orleans East. 

“The neighborhood is filled with local businesses, each one unique. I wanted my son to experience this aspect of life as it was the norm for me when I was younger."

He loves how friendly his neighborhood is. “Whenever someone comes around, they always say it's so quiet over here. It's so peaceful. And, it is!” 

As Ron wraps up his home-buying journey with us, it becomes evident that homeownership is not just about property ownership for him. It’s more of a holistic experience; intertwining personal growth, forging memories with his family, and building a safe community to thrive in.

Plus, his worry about needing to relocate for work was all for nothing. Since closing on his dream home, he’s been promoted to store manager with the same retail company just a 15-minute drive away! Congratulations, Ron!

Ron and his wife celebrating their closing.

Dreaming of homeownership? Ron lends his learnings

For those contemplating the leap into homeownership, Ron offers simple advice: 

“Make sure you don’t go over your means when buying your home and that you prioritize location. I often see my neighbors relaxing on their lawn, some with their grandchildren. Considering my age, I'm not far from that stage. Seeing this makes me more comfortable with my decision to move to this area. I love it."

You may have heard it before, but let it be affirmed here: location, location, location!

Ron’s first home was closer than he thought. Is yours?

Ron's road to owning a home was filled with determination, trust, and building a safe space for his family. From tackling a hurricane to facing financial rollercoasters, he made it happen. 

Thanks to the $6,500 received in down payment assistance, he was able to make his dream a reality without adding more financial stress to his life.

Ron is proof that your journey to owning a home doesn't have to be as scary as you think. Get the right support, and you could bring your dream home into reality sooner than you expect. 

"Jump. Make the leap. Don't let doubts or anything that isn't a clear fact hold you back. Time is precious, and once it's gone, you can't reclaim it."

Buying a
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